” epoch 1800 ” announce to jump the ticket arrives PC edition used D to add in April close

Management series of imitate of Yo green jade is made newly ” epoch 1800 ” original plan on Feburary 26 put on sale, dan Yobi government announces this making to jump now the ticket arrived on April 16 put on sale. Official explanation says this is to continue burnish game, but the your work of put on sale is really actually too much Feburary, include ” the subway: Escape ” , ” fetch of Gu island Jing: Xin Shuguang ” , ” anthem ” etc, jump the purpose of the ticket is escape apparently these game. “We are very satisfactory ” epoch 1800 ” current character, series 上海千花网论坛

classical and a large number of new affiliation function is united in wedlock together, but if farther burnish is mixed,we know to debug, believe game can become better. The additional time that delay brings will let us bring a play that produces its potential adequately for everybody. ” Yo green jade still announces to begin from January 31, ” epoch 1800 ” BETA is sealed measure w上海千花网论坛

ill let a player personally begin 上海千花社区

game, look how to come to band of Industrial Revolution world in epoch series. Be w爱上海同城

orth what carry is, seal this measure without any NDA agreements, the player is OK direct seeding, can upload video, share cut plan. Final Yo green jade still expresses to be in next a few weeks inside, they will be announced ” epoch 1800 ” more message and detail, for instance brand上海龙凤论坛sh1f

-new function, much person mode, single person battle and dub in background music of its orchestral music. ” epoch 1800 ” price of edition of standard of Steam state division 248 yuan, luxurious edition 288 yuan, use D to add close, support simplified Chinese. S上海千花网

team page: Https://store.steampowered.com/app/916440/Anno_1800/

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