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Article introduction

The damp in a human body is overweight, with respect to phenomenon of special and easy occurrence oedema, want to reduce the generation of oedema phenomenon so, should undertake dispel regularly wet except gas. Among them ormosia YiShanghai night net

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Rice tea can count is often be used to come by everybody dispel is wet taste except a kind of angry health care, although many people say tea of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears is right the effect of human body is very apparent, but it is good to the body to be if having also Lv of many person unified exam often drink tea of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears, met really?

 Tea of ormosia the seed of Job's tears is good

Tea of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears but in order to reduce weight

The main effect of tea of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears is oedema of disappear of clear hot diuresis, namely of the dispel body that place of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says cold humid air. And tea of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears is returned have the effect that reduce weight, want dispel so cold humid air and the friends that reduce weight might as well Mai Laigong beans and the seed of Job’s tears boil soup to become tea drink.

The practice of tea of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears

Place needs to feed capable person

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: ? Cut rock candy of? of Song of E of ⒑ Wu Geng, right amount longan, black soya bean, water into parts.

The method that make

Red bean of the seed of Job’s tears, ormosia, bare, black soya bean is abluent, gan Guiyuan rinds abluent, reserve. Red bean of the seed of Job’s tears, ormosia, bare, black soya bean puts freezer to immerse with water one evening. Water waiting for a quantity is added in boiler, red bean of the seed of Job’s tears, ormosia, bare, black soya beanShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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In after be being boiled with conflagration, turning, small fire boils about 20 minutes. Be fond of according to the individual sweet degree, put right amount crystal sugar can edible.

The effect of the seed of Job’s tears

Fight cancer prevents cancer

There still is those who fight cancerous provision to say in foreign the seed of Job’s tears, because it contains element of a kind of Selenium, the inhibition with such can significant elements the breed of cancer cell, having the effect of auxiliary cure to a few cancer, especially lung cancer, more appropriate, also can reduce the side effect when a few patients are changing cure, healthy crowd often eats the seed of Job’s tears, can make the body more spry and light vigor, greatly reduced tumor incidence of a disease.

 Tea of ormosia the seed of Job's tears is good

Metabolization of be good at taste, hurried

Because the place in the seed of Job’s tears contains component, contain a variety of mineral reach a vitamin, and in our metabolism, to this kind of component more very of demand, such word often has the stimulative metabolism with OK and very good the seed of Job’s tears, reduce the burden of intestines and stomach further thereby, the responsibility is little, our taste left naturally. This shows, dyspeptic person, chronic enteritis person, often eating the seed of Job’s tears is to having very pretty good curative effect.

Reduce weight it what eat is good to what eat

1, honey

The have dinner time in the evening had better be to be before 7 o’clock, such ability have abundant time to undertake digestive to these food and absorb, not only such, still can avoid quantity of heat to pile up to be changed into thereby inside body at the same time adipose. Of dinner mostLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Beautiful chooses to be not honey to not be belonged to, the fatty acid that contains in honey can promote intestines and stomach effectively to wriggle, help us improve costive awkward situation thereby. At the same time honey still can help the eduction toxin with our effective human body, what help us restore evenness thereby is alvine.

Not only such, still contain in honey very rich vitaminic and mineral, these two kinds of material can help us recuperate intestines and stomach. Not only such, the quantity of heat that contains in honey is exceedingly low still, 100 grams honey contains 294 calorie only. Special attention wants when drinking honey, had better be to use warm water take medicine with water, lest destroyed among them nutrition.

2, oaten

Oaten and same the good choice that is dinner, much nutrient material is contained in studying hair is oaten now, like the vitamin for instance B a group of things with common features, Buddhist nun overcomes E of acerbity, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin to wait, material has these nutrition to fall very well the effect of candy and thin body. Besides proper eat more oaten still can help us improve haemal circulation, stimulative metabolism, the rubbish toxin inside body went out, weight dropped naturally also.

Still contain rich solubility fine peace keeping in honey besides not dissolve sex fiber, these cellulose can absorb the cholesterol of human body and its outside eduction body, because this uses oatmeal,can do a late food had not suited most.

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Note of food reducing weight

1, in the morning dietary note

After some people get up in the morning to can be in, very good job always is the habit drinks a cup of OK and life-giving coffee, but do not know to drink coffee however unwarrantable however whole the spirit in the morning, cannot maintain daylong good job position more, the job with expert better to can assure proposal, assure the job that has an enough psychosis to answer one day, can be in in the morning when the orange juice that drinks a cup to perhaps heat up chocolate tea, included the quantity of heat that human body place needs and vitamin among them, eat a fruit to be able to assure to there is an enough psychosis morning again. Won’t feel hungry before eating lunch.

 Tea of ormosia the seed of Job's tears is good

2, lunch note

At noon has a mealForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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When if feel very hungry, when the likelihood has a meal with respect to meeting at noon belly-worship, eating and drink too much is bad to anybody, a cup of hot boiled water can be drunk before lunch, eat an apple, can reduce hungry feeling not just so, and still can conduce to digest, also won’t feel to the time that have a meal too hungry, to nibble slow pharynx can be accomplished when having a meal, such ability eatable is healthy, have the effect of healthy, fitness, after if move,be over, feel very hungry, also must notice not to want one hungry is not choosy about his food, that word motion effect may be otherwise urgent wasted.

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