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The steamed bread is the staple food with a kind of rich nutrition, the nutrient value of the steamed bread is taller, it besides contain carbohydrate beyond, still have protein and vitamin and mineral, make to what human body has very good health careShanghai noble baby

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With, additionally the steamed bread also has profit quite to the recuperation of intestines and stomach, it and rice photograph are compared more the absorption that conduces to intestines and stomach and digest, have the effect that raises a stomach more to taste weakling.

 Content of steamed bread protein

Content of steamed bread protein

What every 1 kilogram of dry yeasty place contain is protein, be equivalent to 2 kilograms of 5 kilograms of rice, soja or content of protein of 2.5 kilograms of porky. Accordingly, the nutrient part that contains in steamed bread, biscuit wants tower above than flat bread, noodle 3 ~ 4 times, protein increases nearly 2 times.

The practice measure of the steamed bread

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Material: Candy of flour, Bai Sha, yeasty, water.

1, the noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of noodle of new good people that I use a packet of 500 grams, can do with common flour.

2, the gross control of water is in 250g this is the 50% that you issue flour probably, first a few warm water.

3, the yeast that needs to put 5 grams.

4, enter lukewarmShanghai night net

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Melt in water, make yeast good ferment.

 Content of steamed bread protein

5, white sugar 80 grams are enough, I exceeded little bad waste. If want a bit sweeter 130 grams enter big essentials of flavour good place additionally the water of heft melts white sugar.

6, flour is flat among dig a hole, unload yeasty water first. Leave mix of white sugar water again.

7, coming again is to knead dough by hand, small it is better that after kneading, 10 minutes are put to be kneaded again knead.

8, ferment next 1.5 times big.

9, take a platoon to go gas, rub up is kneaded without bleb.

10, separate the side into equably 9 go to 10.

11, knead becomes a circle into the group, put on the side wake face 20 minutes (next can use oilpaper, corn leaf, gauze row)

12, the steam box below cold water, risk energy of life probably evaporate 25Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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 Content of steamed bread protein

13, the steamed bread organizes what still pass, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Do not add bubble to hit powdery health.

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