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Everybody knows aweto is a kind of very rare Chinese traditional medicine, because the appearance of this kind of Chinese traditional medicine is more peculiar, and its nutrient value ratio is higher, can have the effect to essence of filling kidney beneficial, still can treat anaemia, so he all the time the price is higher, in the winter when, this kind of Chinese traditional medicine exists with the form of insectForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, summer when look itForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
appearance resembling is weed, so what effect does aweto have?

Wintry bug plays careless action and effect

The effect of aweto and action:

1, essence of filling kidney beneficial: Aweto can fill kidney beneficial essence, can promote the Wei since this world. Multi-purpose be not worth at treating kidney this world, empty of anaemia of essence of life and the impotent seminal emission that bring about, Shanghai nobleLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The disease such as lumbar genu aching and limp.

2, hemostatic and expectorant: Pleasant of aweto sex flavour is smooth, the kidney that enter lung 2 classics, the beautiful that is kidney of filling lung beneficial is tasted, and have hemostatic and expectorant, relieve a cough the effect of smooth asthma, clinical and multi-purpose at treating fatigue cough phlegmy blood, deficiency of vital energy coughs the disease such as asthma.

Wintry bug plays careless action and effect

3, filling empty: Aweto benefiting action is strong, it is precious nourishing beautiful is tasted, can wait for its and duck, chicken, pork stew take, filling kidney originallies this, the effect of filling lung beneficial, usable restore hard at empty of ill rear body or the body empty crowd with spontaneous cold Wei.

4, enhance cardiac muscle function: Contain in aweto be able to bear or endure oxygen composition, can enhance cardiac to be able to bear or endure oxygen ability, raise a heart the utilization rate to oxygen, reduce a heart to oxygen use up, reduce the generation of lactic acid of the cardiac muscle when the inadequacy that feed oxygen, enhance cardiac muscle function, wrong to preventing rhythm of the heart have counteractive effect.

Wintry bug plays careless action and effect

5, enhance hepatic function: Liver is in can be poisonned when alexipharmic action every time injury of corporeal enroach on, time is long, the fiber that liver can appear after harm injury is serious is changed, aweto contains plastid of fat of polysaccharide of Chinese caterpillar fungus, have the effect that protects liver certainly, can reduce the harm material loss to liver, the fiber that can prevent liver is changed, still can enhance hepatic immune function at the same time, enhance disease-resistant poisonous action, can prevent virus sex hepatitis.

6, improve respiratory system: Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Element of Chinese caterpillar fungus is contained in aweto, can apparent buildup the function of adrenalin, adrenalin has stimulative effect to the flowing flesh of respiratory system, accordingly, take Chinese caterpillar fungus can enlargeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Zhang Zhi is tracheal, be opposite especially old people is chronic the symptom such as anxiety of bronchitic, asthmatic, emphysema, lung is had very good delay recrudescent action.

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