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The person arrives middleaged when drink most is tea kind, a lot of people are in teenage when like to drink beverage of a few carbonic acid very much or all sorts of fruit juice, but arrived middleaged later can pay attention to preserve one’s health more and more, those beverage products had been eliminated to be besides the life. Tea of arhat fruit lotus leaf is a kind of tea that has matched kind, special the reception that gets a woman, because lotus leaf has the effect that reduce weight,basically be, the effect of arhat fruit is not little also, understand together below ~

 Tea of arhat fruit lotus leaf

One, arhat fruit has relieve a cough aperient effect

Sex of pleasant of arhat fruit flavour is cool, put in lung, large intestine ‘s chargeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Via, lung having profit relieves a cough, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty effect, apply to lobar heat or lobar dry cough, whooping cough and hurt ferry hotly thirsty etc, still have the effect with embellish aperient bowel in addition.

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Have the effect of lung of distinct hot benefit

Arhat fruit has the effect of lung of distinct hot benefit really, but in document of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine not account arhat fruit has the effect that raises shade. Modern medicine considers to confirm, arhat fruit contains a kind 300 times sweeter than sucrose sweet taste element, but it does not produce quantity of heat, it is diabetic so, fat etc unfavorable the ideal of the person that take candy replaces beverage.

 Tea of arhat fruit lotus leaf

3, arhat fruit has alleviate the effect of inflammation

Gastritis of phlogistic to treating tonsil of acute tracheitis, acute, guttural fire, acute1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Have very good curative effect, with its root dolly, apply at affected part, can treat stubborn dermatitis, carbuncle the; fruit wool such as furuncle of swollen, sore can make; of knife wound medicine use arhat fruit a few, irruptive boiled water immerses, it is a kind of wonderful cool and refreshing beverage, already but life-giving promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, can prevent respiratory tract infection again, take all the year round, can prolong life.

4, the effect that arhat fruit has relieve inflammation or fever

Can use at lobar fire dry to cough, pharynx painful aphonia, alvine dry constipation those who cause is fat wait for disease. Arhat fruit boils water simmer in water to take commonly, its are shown1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Weak boiled water is lubricious, slightly sweet; makes external use desirable its condense fluid, with Yu Xiyu in order to eliminate adipose, remedial acne, perhaps purify blood to cross oxidation fat mediumly to pledge, strengthen skin metabolism to wait.

 Tea of arhat fruit lotus leaf

5, the effect that arhat fruit has look of the model that reduce fat

Arhat fruit pleasant, acerbity, the gender is cool, cool blood of heat having Qing Dynasty, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid relieve a cough, slippery bowel discharges poison, tender skin lung of beneficial colour, embellish is expectorant wait for a function, usable Yu Yishou is delayed year, be stationed in Yan Yue color. Modern medicine learns to consider to discover, arhat fruit has fight consenescence, fight; of cancer and action of beneficial skin hairdressing to have fall hematic fat reachs action reducing weight, can assist disease of fat of remedial tall blood, improvement is fat personShanghai noble baby

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