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The nutrient value of yam is very high, contain a lot ofamong them have rich prandial thread, carbohydrate, and quantity of heat and protein, the adipose content about yam also is very tall, but this kind of adipose not light put on weight, so everybody need not worry completely, the element that contains a lot ofamong them can satisfy all sorts of requirement of the body, still can achieve at the same time fight cancer aperient the effect that reduce weight, nevertheless everybody needs to know, what to raise those who become cent and red bean to have about the battalion of yam?

Does yam contain protein

The nutrient composition content of yam (every 100 grams are medium)

Quantity of heat is 119 kilocalorie, protein 0.9 grams, adipose 0.5 grams, carbonForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
27.7 grams, cholesterol does not have hydrate, prandial fiber is 1.1 grams, calcic 44 milligram, iron 0.7 milligram, phosphor 20 milligram, Potassium 5.3 milligram, natrium 15.4 milligram, copper is 0.18 milligram, magnesian 12 milligram, zinc 0.14 milligram, Selenium 0.48 microgramme, B1 0.12 milligram, B2 0.04 milligram, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Pantothenic acid 0.06 milligram, nicotinic acid 0.5 milligram, folic acid 49 microgramme, C 30 milligram, carotene 0.21 milligram

Does yam contain protein

The effect of yam and action

1. fights cancer

Restrain the happening of colonic cancer and breast cancer effectively.

2. aperient reduce weight

Eat yam can effectiveA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The ground prevents carbohydrate to turn into adipose, be helpful for reducing weight, strong and handsome. Yam contains a large number of prandial fiber, cannot be digested to absorb inside alvine path, can exciting bowel, enhance peristalsis, aperient platoon is poisonous, have better curative effect to senile sex constipation especially.

3. raises immunity force

Force of tall immunity of yam Xie Youdi, hemostatic, fall the sanitarian function such as nyctalopia of candy, alexipharmic, prevention and cure.

4. is fought anile

Restrain the generation of melanin, prevent the occurrence of fleck and old person spot. Red still can restrain skin ageing, preserve skin flexibility, the anile process of slow down airframe.

Does yam contain protein

The nutrient value of yam

1. yam contains C of B of A of prandial fiber, carotene, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin E and Potassium, iron, copper, Selenium, calcic, wait for more than kinds of 10 microelement. Nutrient value is very high, by dietetics home people call the health food with the most balanced nutrition.

Inside 2. β – E of carotene, vitamin and vitamin C are especially much. Especially yam contains rich lysine, and just of rice, flour lacks lysine. Yam and rice face are mixed eat, OKNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Complement to more comprehensive protein. overall nutrition, yam it may be said is commissariatFall in love with the sea

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With the person above average in vegetable. Euramerican person assist it is ” the 2nd biscuit ” , russia scientist says it is future before ” space navigation food ” , the French says it is be worthy of ” advanced health foodForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
” .

Every 100 yam that overcome delicacy contain 3. only 0. 2 grams are adipose, produce 99 kilocalorie quantity of heat, it is rice probably 1 / 3, it is food of very good low adipose, low heat energy.

One sort is contained to seem the matter of female hormone in 4. yam, to tutelar body skin, defer consenescence to have certain effect.

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