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Article introduction

Holothurian Bao congee practice of this kind of thing is simpler, want to prepared chopped green onion, holothurian, Jiang Si and rice to be able to be made only, when making, should want to join rice to follow holothurian Bao first left and right sides of a hour, joining Jiang Si to wait with chopped green onion next, it boiling a few minutes is OK to boiling a few minutes edible, everybody is so OK attempt and the way that like holothurian Bao congee. An introduction of practice of the daily life of a family about holothurian Bao congee is below, can understand.

The practice of the daily life of a family of holothurian Bao congee

Holothurian millet congee

Material millet, vegetable, holothurian, jiang Si, chopped green onion


1, millet pan is clean, with the; on clear water bubble

2, vegetable and holothurian and abluent, cut Jiang Si and chopped green onion, holothurian (Gong Pinhai is joined) section;(

3, the water that the stockpot puts full amount, millet is put after water boil, roll the go into business after boiler to join, after rolling boiler again, continue to boil go up about 5 minutes1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, meantime uses ladle agitate; ceaselessly

4, join Jiang Si, the boiler on the lid is built, turn infusion of the smallest fire, boiler is not opened to build; during

5, after about 25 minutes, open a lid, join 1 small spoon to condense gallinaceous juice, agitate mixes, conflagration boils boil 2 minutes, scatter finally on right amount salt, join white pepper to flavor, on drop a few balm, scatter on chopped green onion, can involve fire, cheng Wanwen is fed.

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Holothurian Nanjing point of sales: Nanjing city leaves the way austral area peace and tranquility in vain square of a new century, in the center of 025-83696665; road 68, afore-mentioned move should note when 025-86459665 small hang does congee, in water boil when join millet, ginseng of the go into business after rolling boiler rolls boiler; to reckon according to feeding capable person finished product is measured again, water should be added sufficient, turn infusion of the smallest fire when do not open a lid, till complete waste closes sweet, a few minutes flavor again finally.

The practice of the daily life of a family of holothurian Bao congee

Arenaceous boiler is holothurian congee

Material is holothurian, sweet meter / sweet green of rice, Xianggu mushroom, salt, balm, Jiang Si


1, preparationForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Good feed capable person, holothurian ahead of schedule bubble hair is handled clean. If be taken from freezer,go out should undertake natural defrost.

2, in falling aromatic rice or rice arenaceous boiler, clean clean, by 1: The rice water scale of 4 is one-time the water that adds sufficient capacity.

3, lid of the boiler on the lid, big baked wheaten cake leaves, in turning small fire infusion.

4, this time cleans Xianggu mushroom to cut chip, holothurian cut paragraphs small, sweet green cuts bead, jiang Qie silk reserves.

5, when the molten of congee grain of rice that needs slow fire infusion, putForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Xianggu mushroom piece again infusion 35 minutes.

6, fall next Jiang Si, holothurian paragraph.

7, join right amount salt, the boiler on the lid is built1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Small fire Bao is controlled 15 minutes.

8, bead of a few sweet green is scattered when giving boiler, drop balm can.

The practice of the daily life of a family of holothurian Bao congee

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Material is used makings is holothurian 25 grams, rice 50 grams, rock candy is right amount.


1, will holothurian hair is appeared, go bowel is abluent.

2, will holothurian cut Cheng Ding.

3, holothurian Ding Yu rice is boiled together for congee, take the advantage of heat to join rock candy, after dissolving can.


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