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Article introduction

Pork liver is the splanchnic organ of the pig, usually as a result of be a pig is splanchnic, can carry water of a few blood, if handle undeserved sentence, fishy smell is very big, frying because of this pork liverFall in love with the sea

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Of the mouthfeel that affects pork liver, and fishy smell also is very heavy, occasionally some people are not willing to eat, because this pork liver is best when fry,need scald water.

Is scald water used before pork liver is fried

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First scald water

1, fry pork liver to need Xian Chao water

Buy an edible pork liver that come, the processing of odour of alexipharmic purify smelling of fish or mutton should undertake before cook, immerse and scald water is very good method, water crosses the Xian Chao before suggesting everybody fries pork liver so.

2, pork liver effect

2.1, bright eye: ? Zuo of  of  of bad Nai of Gou of crab of  of Dang Wo Xie, can protect an eye, preserve normal vision, prevent an eye dry, fatigue, keep healthy color of skin, strong and handsome to cutaneous have important sense. Suit decline of deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it the patient such as bare of yellow, moon blindness, eye, bloated, n/med beriberi.

Is scald water used before pork liver is fried

2.2, enrich the blood: ? ? of history Gou of  of Dang fertile punishment is to enrich the blood the most commonly used food in food, porker liver is adjustable with the physiology function that improves anaemic patient hemopoietic system.

2.3, purify toxin: ?  J balance  curium Gu Yi hooks Zuo of  of  falling into oblivion 2, this is important to compensatory airframe complementary enzymatic, the airframe that finish is a few righter of poisonous component go poison has main effect.

2.4, enhance: of force of human body immunity? Dang fertile Suo of Yu of Hong of word of favour of smile thanking cluck calls  of  of Nai of Fan Huan  Zuo and microelement Selenium, the immunity that can enhance human body reacts, fight oxidation, prevent consenescence, and canShanghai Long Feng forum

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The generation of tumor cell, also can treat acute infectivity hepatitis.

Is scald water used before pork liver is fried

3, the cooking little skill of pork liver

3.1, liver is the oldest poison terminal inside body and alexipharmic organ, so redemptive bright liver is not eager to cook, answer to put liver below tap water bibcock to rinseFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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10 minutes, put in water to immerse 30 minutes next.

3.2, cook time cannot too short, should fry 5 minutes of above in urgent fire at least, make liver becomes dust-colour completely, cannot see hematic silk gift is nice.

3.3, pork liver often has a kind of special peculiar smell, before cooking, should use blood of water general liver above all abluent, shuck next thin-skinned, put dish in, add put breast of right amount ox to immerse, in a few minutes, pork liver peculiar smell can keep clear of.

3.4, pork liver should be cut now do now, time is placed to grow biliary meeting to pour out of after fresh pork liver is cut, not only loss nutrient, and fry ripe hind a lot of grain condense on pork liver, affect the exterior and quality, answer to use condiment and wet starch quickly to mix after pork liver section so divide evenly, leave boiler as early as possible.

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